Pericles' LL.M. in Global Business Law
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For the past 25 years, Pericles Law Center has dedicated itself to giving law students, business professionals, and lawyers the best possible American style legal training in Moscow, Russia. As business practices become more global, top lawyers need to have an excellent grasp not only of their national law, but also of Western Law and legal reasoning. And even in these trying times, American legal education remains the gold standard for lawyers engaged in international practice, representing clients in international arbitration, negotiating complex mergers or dissolutions, and pressing for clients' rights with their foreign counterparts.

However, travelling abroad for further education is difficult for most working professionals, and especially difficult these days.

Pericles offers its two - three year, evening Master of Laws program, available in Moscow since 2002, and also online since 2020. This program took many years to build and is a credit to the hard work and dedication of Pericles’ staff and lawyers from many international law firms who contributed to the program's development. These people have enabled Pericles to take the best American standards of legal education to Russia, and offer a Global Business Law degree that gives great benefits to Pericles’ students. We have worked with lawyers from firms like White & Case, Baker & McKenzie, Dentons, DLA Piper and Debevoise & Plimpton, and now with their successor firms and alumni in Russia, who have given generous donations of scholarship support; donated occasional use of their facilities; and allowed their lawyers to regularly teach courses.

And we plan to continue that tradition, working with international law firm alumni in Russia, as well as with leading lawyers from top international and Russian companies. We are a Russian registered non-profit organization, and have no plans to leave this market where we have grown and thrived for so long.

Moreover, Pericles is one of the only legal education programs in Russia that still offers partnership programs with American law schools. Students can take summer courses at Fordham University in New York, or at Widener University's Delaware Law School. And courses are creditable to a Dual MJ (Masters of Jurisprudence) Program at Delaware Law School that gives Pericles graduates the option of a U.S. degree at half the cost and half the time that it would normally take.

Why Pericles' LL.M.?

The Pericles LL.M. is a post-graduate degree (Master of Laws) designed to help future lawyers increase their legal knowledge, skills, and job perspectives after graduation. Only those lawyers who have already graduated from law school or are graduating this year are eligible to apply for an LL.M. at Pericles.

On rare occasions, business people with strong legal backgrounds are also admitted to the program. The Pericles LL.M. is a two-three year program with courses offered at night and on Saturdays. All courses are available online, and some are also available off line in our Moscow location.

The curriculum is designed to teach the skills and knowledge that international law firms wish to see in their associates, and that multinational companies desire in their in-house counsels and in the external firms these companies retain. Our program concentrates strongly on skills rather than doctrine--writing, negotiations, oral skills--and hands-on, practical knowledge that is often missing from Russian legal education.

Don't kid yourself, this program is not a diploma mill! The Western style discussion and socratic classes will challenge your thinking, and the required writing courses required will take real work to succeed. But this is just what makes Pericles LL.M. degree valuable to employers, and what makes Pericles graduates well reputed. As a non-profit institution, our aim is to train the best, to be the best. Our high standards make Pericles LL.M. graduates competitive for the top legal jobs in Russia and CIS.

LL.M. Highlights
  • 1
    Two to three year evening program
  • 2
    Taught entirely in English
  • 3
    Taught by professors and practicing lawyers from all over the world
  • 4
    Program designed by Western law firms
  • 5
    Option of Summer Study Abroad
  • 6
    Possibility of Scholarships
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