Admission Eligibility

An LL.M. (Master of Laws) is a second degree in law. This program is open to those who have completed a law degree or are in their final year of their first law degree. On rare ocassions, business persons without law degrees but with strong legal backgrounds are accepted to the program. The program is designed especially for foreign, particularly Russian and other continentally trained lawyers, who are interested in some knowledge of American and common law legal methods. Because the course requirements reflect this intent, this program is not appropriate for U.S. lawyers seeking a second degree in U.S. law.

Application Package

You will need to submit the application package to be admitted into the LL.M. program. The following is a list of items necessary to be submitted before you will be considered:

  • Pericles LL.M. online application form.
  • Personal Statement, written in English, answering why you want to obtain an LL.M. degree, what you hope to learn from your studies, and describing any highlights about your background that you believe will be an asset to an LL.M. program. Concise writing is appreciated; 800-1000 word essays (about 1.5-2 pages) are preferred.
  • Telephone numbers and email addresses of at least two references (preferably one academic reference and one work reference).
  • A transcript (grade report) from all institutions of higher learning in which you have studied (You need NOT supply official stamped or notarized copies. You should NOT translate your documents).
  • An early application fee of 1000 rubles can be paid via bank or paid at the reception desk before the priority application deadline. After the deadline, the application fee is 3000 rubles. This application fee is NOT refundable.
  • A digital photograph (suitable for an ID) in .jpg format.
  • Results of the Pericles LL.M. entrance exam. Students will be required to take an entrance exam before being accepted into the program. The exam is based on the same principles as the LSAT and TOEFL. However, students can expect see logical questions centering on the topic of law. This examination is waived for lawyers working for our sponsoring law firms.

The Schedule and Admission Deadlines

The Fall 2024 Admission

July 5, 2024: Priority admission deadline for submission of online application and 1000 rubles early application fee. Note that after deadline, the application fee is 3000 rubles. We encourage apply before the deadline, to assure timely LL.M. Admission. Applications that are submitted without complete information should be accompanied by an emailed request to the admissions director,, for extra time. Applicants must submit their applications by the application date to be eligible for any scholarships or need based financial aid.

July 19, 2024: Deadline for completion of applications that were submitted without all necessary information.

Recommended Pre-enrollment Course

For those who are uncertain that their English ability is high enough to be admitted to or successfully complete the LL.M. prgram, we recommend Legal English. This course is designed to enhance speaking and writing abilities of law students, practicing lawyers, and other legal professionals. The focus of this course is on Anglo-Saxon legal terminology and principles. However, there is a heavy concentration on business law topics. You can expect to cover topics such as Sources of Law, Torts and Crimes, Contract Law, International Trade, Property, Debtor/Creditor Law, Commercial Paper & Corporations. If you wish to take this course your English should be upper-intermediate, as this course is also used to help give you the necessary English practice to allow you to study in advanced level courses. The results of your Pericles LL.M. entrance exam, as well as your personal statement will decide whether or not you will be required to take Legal English before taking courses in Pericles LL.M. Program. Many students take Legal English before applying to the LL.M. program in order to be better prepared for the entrance exam. The terminology covered in this course includes most of the terminology on the LL.M. entrance exam.

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