Legal English

Course Objectives

Legal English for Global Business Lawyers is designed to enhance professionals' English speaking and writing capabilities, with a specific focus on Anglo-Saxon legal terminology and principles. Concentrating on business law terminology, this course will assist practicing lawyers, advanced law students, legal translators, and paralegals to become comfortable in working with important legal terms and concepts regularly used in the practice of law in common law countries such as the United States and United Kingdom.

Those students successfully completing the course will receive a Pericles Certificate of Completion.


Legal English is designed for students whose English is at the high intermediate to advanced levels. Those who need practice with more basic English vocabulary and comprehension should first take the course “Approaching Legal English”.

To assess your general English level, you can take an English Proficiency Test offered by Pericles by creating a student account and clicking 'Login to Moodle'>'Proceed to Moodle'> Enroll me'.

If you need help with the test, please call for more information at 8 495 649 22 73.

Course Length

9 to 12 Weeks, depending on the group. 60 in-class academic hours (48 clock hours). Please check the course schedule for these details.


The cost of the course includes Pericles’ specially authored course book as well as exclusive access to supplemental online materials, including videos and excerpts from legal films and documentaries.

The course has two sessions per week for two to three hours each (depending on the group). Through the examination of key business law themes, the class sessions provide an interactive learning style to enhance students' reading comprehension, speaking skills, and legal vocabulary.

Subjects to be Covered

Sources of Law, Trial Process, Torts and Crimes, Contract Law, Property, Secured Transactions, Commercial Paper, Business Organizations Law.

Students will learn to put the language of these subjects into practice through class exercises, negotiations and dispute resolution scenarios.

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