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Since the early 2000’s Pericles has been providing successful corporate legal and legal English training programs to both law firms (EPAM, Akin Gump, White & Case, Baker & McKenzie, Vegas Lex, BGP Litigation, etc.) and corporate legal and compliance departments (Severstal, InterRAO, Rostelecom, Rusal, Polyus, Abbott, etc.). The corporate form of education involves teaching courses to a company’s selected employees at the company’s premises in accordance with a schedule that best matches the corporate rhythm of life. Normally classes take place in the first half of the day and may be conducted once or twice a week depending on the company’s particular needs. We suggest that the minimum number of students in the group should not be less than six.

The corporate form of studies adds more flexibility, not only to the schedule, but also to the syllabus of the course, allowing you to emphasize certain topics and cover others more superficially depending on the specific demands of the company. For example, speaking about our Legal English course, the professor can adjust the program to the general level of the group making it more complicated and advanced, gearing it to slightly lower groups, or emphasizing one area of the law over another. For legal writing, as another example, while covering all the necessary elements of a world recognized legal writing curriculum, our professors can gear the assignments to the type of writing the students will most likely encounter in their legal practices, or make the problems slightly easier or more complex to accommodate the students’ legal experience and reasoning abilities.

Courses can be offered on a the regular, recommended schedule, or over extended hours to facilitate participants’ working schedules. However, please note that no matter how flexible Pericles can be in other respects, general requirements for (1) attendance, (2) participation and (3) homework will apply to every corporate student. Certificates can be provided only to those who successfully meet all three criteria. Honors certificates may be awarded to students whose work is outstanding.

Pericles is an organization run by lawyers, for lawyers. Unlike general legal English classes, which English schools often structure so as to carry on ad nauseam, without concrete aims and finishing points, Pericles believes that goals without deadlines are only wishes. Pericles believes in a structured curriculum, developed over our decades of experience in teaching Russian lawyers, and proven successful in building the particular English language legal skills needed for lawyers and legal support personnel to succeed in your organization.

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